My Favourite Things
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Well, as you can see, my tastes are simple.  I only like the best!  I don't quite have a "John Deere" Tractor...actually, I don't have one at all ...*hint*... but I do have a Ford truck.  HA, ask me how to get a truck wedged between two trees... *@#& !&@*!!"#*.  Was not a good day.  Anyways,
I'm just your average Joe, except that I'm from Mars, and plan to go back some day.  I love doing wood work and fixing things, but I've taken a temporary job at the local Steel Plant...been temporarily working there for 30 years now *L* Just kidding.  I have a bunch of great kids, and grandkids... and my Anna... wah-hoo!  Oh, and I must mention my silly dog, Jakko a.ka. Jackass a.k.a. PorchMonkey....don't ask *L*